Meet the virtual studio designed for any type of session you might have

MomentoStream is designed so you can make any type of session an easy, stable, and fully personalized experience for your audience.

A picture is worth a thousand words - but a video, a million!

Create interactive and dynamic sessions with up to 100 people in them. Foster engagement and create authentic and real human moments with your audience. 

We focus on what our customers asked for

Our main focus is to make our customers happy so we built the most sophisticated features to our studio so it has all you need:

Webstudio   Easy live streaming and recording

  • Webstudio   Create beautiful and branded sessions
  • Webstudio   Custom registration forms and ticket selling
  • Webstudio   Easily bring up to 100 guests to studio
  • Webstudio   Apps for attendee’s engagement
  • Webstudio   Multi language interpretation built-in
Some MomentoStream features
  •  Multistream to up to 8 destinations
  •  Up to 100 people on studio
  •  Custom videos, and background music
  •  Custom RTMP destinations
  •  Polls and word clouds
  •  Screen sharing, raise hand, polls, and word clouds
  • Q&A from multiples platforms
  • Embedded and web Q&A
  •  Custom registration forms and ticket selling
  •  Full HD (1080p)
  • Downloadable recording
  • Custom banners, backgrounds, and overlays

What is MomentoStream for?

Our studio is designed for any type of session you might have so you can create an amazing and fully custom experience for your audience.
Multistream Meetings

Create fully branded and controlled meetings.

Multistream Events

Create very professional events and stream them anywhere you need.

Multistream Webinars

Make your audience register or buy a ticket to join your webinars.

Multistream Content creation

Create amazing content that inspire your followers.

Multistream Workshops

Empower engagement for your classes or workshops.

Multistream Podcasts

High quality audio and video for your podcasts and interviews.

Multistream Recordings

Record your sessions for future visualization or download.

Multistream Tutorials

Easily create powerfull tutorials directly from the studio.


Events like never before

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