Make your audience feel part of your session

MomentoStream has built-in apps to engage participants and increase audience interaction.


Foster engagement and connection

Our studio’s engagement capabilities make it easy to spark conversations and drive interaction with your audience.




Listen to your audience with interactive live polling. Create polls in minutes & let your audience contribute in real time.


Show live audience comments on screen

Highlight comments and questions coming in from any platform during your show. Answer questions, spotlight viewers, and generate engagement with your audience during your session.


Amaze your audience with interactive word clouds

Take interaction to the next level. The most popular answers grow dynamically as people submit them.


Create Live Word Clouds. Share your question and let your audience generate vibrant words that appear on the screen in real-time.


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Apps

Yes you can export your poll results after the poll is closed.

Yes, they can. Our studio will handle every destination input and take it as a answer of the poll or word cloud once these are active.

Yes! You can create as many polls as you want before or during your session. Then you decide when to start or pause a poll.

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